Jane Austen

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Jane Austen

i guess you're right
it's me
still it's such a shock to see you say
goodbye so casually

you know
i tried my best
but i suppose that's no guarantee
of happiness

but if there's really nothing
i can do
to make you stay
then i wish you all the best

but if i may be
so bold as to
point out a thing or two
that i find so bloody annoying about

you talk too much
you eat too much
you spend too much
time sharing on facebook

you read too much
jane austen, you
cry too easily over
the littlest thing

no, you're not as cute
as you might think
and do you really need
that many pairs of shoes?

yea yea you know
you're right
i'd disagree but you'll only think
i'm spoiling for a fight

you know, you're right
you were the one
but i guess there's no taking back
what's been said and done

and do you really need
another selfie of you?

* * *

©2014 alfie lee

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