Hope and Happiness

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Hope and Happiness

you're trying
but you don't know what to do
stop crying
yes i'll help to see it through

i'm trying
but it's hard for me to do
i'm lying
no i don't know what to do

guess i got myself all tangled in this mess
but how could i stand by and watch
while you were in distress?

i hope that you get what you want
i hope that you find happiness
in his arms and his caress

even if it means i have no

hope that i'll get what i want
hope that i'll find happiness
in my arms and your kisses

stop crying, stop sighing
yes i'll help you see it through
i'm lying
but i don't know what to do

i ask myself how did i get into this mess
if i asked you
would you love me or think me less?

* * *

©2013 alfie lee

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