As Long As

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As Long As

some might say that you were right
they wouldn't have stayed another night
some others might think that you were wrong
you should stick it out for as long as it takes

i mean, i did not see, i didn't know
straight right into a stray from cupid's bow
love comes with her lows i know
but love's not only blind, i swear, sometimes
she's comatose

as long as you're happy
i'll be happy too
as long as you are having the time of your life
i guess i could break out a smile or two

i know life has a predilection
for tales that test the imagination
but how did we get ourselves into this mess
still i'm glad it's fact not fiction
i guess

people come, people go
who or why or when you have no control
but maybe one will take root in your heart
and when they leave they make like a tree, that old chestnut
and never part

as long as you're happy
as long as you are good
if you could show me maybe a smile or two
that would be really cool

* * *

©2012 alfie lee

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