A Friend of a Friend

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A Friend of a Friend

do you know what you're doing?
do you know what you've done?
i thought i had the answers
it was the questions that had me stumped

you didn't even have the decency
to text me that you've gone
heard it from a friend of a friend
you've said your goodbyes to everyone

was it june or joan or julie? i just can't tell
was it jacqui who waits at The Wishing Well?

i just wanna be like everyone
all i want is just a little fun
i just wanna be like everyone
all i had was just a little fun

it's not that i don't love you
you know that i love you so
it's just a little sobering
you're all the love i'll ever know

yes i heard it from a friend of a friend
you'd left town
she was so comforting
her eyes were the loveliest brown

it was something she did or said i can't tell
she's so much like you back when we were doing well

* * *

©2011 alfie lee

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