Far Too Long

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Far Too Long

you set me on fire
my nerves are tingling with desire
your mouth is saying no
your body's ready steady go!
when you moving so cool
you make me wanna break the rules
no i'm not being cruel
just surrender to the groove
i know exactly what i'm doing
baby we're gonna start fooling around

don't put on your innocent smile
you're gonna lose it in a little while
now baby take it nice and slow
and don't pretend that you don't know
'cause we've been waiting

far too long
far too long
we've been waiting far too long
far too long

yes i know what you're thinking of
the seeds you sow are what you deserve
you're worried about what goes around
will spit you out when he comes back to town
now baby for what it's worth
no real harm's ever come
from a little bit of love
and a little bit of fooling around

time's not gonna be hanging around
you can't pick it up at lost and found
when it's gone it's gone
you wake up it's dawn
you find that you've been waiting

far too long

you've been waiting
far too long

* * *

©2011 alfie lee

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