Goddamnit! I Love You!

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Goddamnit! I Love you!

every time i see you smile
you make my heart go
a million miles an hour
till it's bout to explode

listen i'm not a man of words
but each time we kiss
i wanna shout out to the world
and make them understand this

goddamnit! i love you!

but then i saw you at the mall
with that stupid asshole
if you cared for me at all
why didn't you let his hand go?

i just don't understand?
i don't get it
what didn't you understand?
i already said it

goddamnit! i love you!

you say you need your time and space
to think it over
hey i got a better idea
why don't you come on over?

what happened with that kiss?
did i rush it?
how did it ever come to this?
did i fuck it?

goddamnit! i love you!

i thought you'd be mine
till the end of time
can you hear that sound?
it's my heart breaking down

goddamnit! i love you!

* * *

©2010 alfie lee

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