Breaking Wave (Acoustic Demo)

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Breaking Wave (Acoustic Demo)

the lie is falling in pieces across the sweep of the strand
sea she waves across the shore and leaves her tears upon the sand
it's the little things that hurt the most
it's the undertow that breaks the coast

will i run out of strength to go on or reason?
or linger long enough for the passing of the seasons?
it doesn't take much for a heart to break
you've left a wash of 'what ifs' trailing in your wake

was it me or did i hear you right?
is this what it means to die by inches?

i dreamt last night i saw you wave your goodbye
i reached across this morning you're no longer on the other side
the human mind is built to take so much
but it can't explain itself to a broken heart

when time is past and our world is come to rest
you know when thoughts begin to roam and ghosts are all we're left
it's not the little things that matter most
it’s the breaking waves that make the coast

was it me or did i hear you right?
could this be what it means to die by inches?

* * *

©2010 alfie lee

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